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The Worst Songs I've Heard

(Originally posted on my music blog, Dave's Blog, this has been moved here) Writing review after review has been getting a little on the dull side for me lately, so I've decided to break with tradition and knock up a list of the top ten songs I hate. I hate plenty of songs, but these ones are what I would play if I were in charge of running Hell. So without further ado, ladies, gentlemen and hermaphrodites, here they are... 1. Lean on Me - Club Nouveau This strangulated cacophony straight from Lucifer's choir is testament to the fact that friendship and brotherly love truly are the most disgusting concepts ever thought of, that peace is for pansies, war is for the reality inclined, and that Ayn Rand had a valid point to make when she proposed her views on the merits of egoism, selfishness, and the dog eat dog mentality of capitalism. 2. Stand by Me - Ben E. King Almost as bad as number one, this song was once covered by John Lennon. The legendary Beatle

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